Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes I try to do stand up...

HEY! Latvia look at me doing stand up at the Comedy Store in Hollywood!
The rest of you can watch me too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Little Brittany Proud: What 8 year old me would have wanted.

Ukraine welcom to the blog. Bienvenido!

Remember that nun that I thought lived down the street and had weird habits? Well one day I saw her running just as fast as she could down the street (still in nun garb) and then stopped, turned around, and ran just as fast back the other way. A few days later. I was watching Law and Order and I saw a bunch of Orthodox Jews, and I realized that was her outfit! She's not a weird nun. She's just a teen Hasidic Jew! So relieved. 

Here's a song I'm obsessed with: 

Totally unrelated:
Well, it’s the middle of January and I realize that my New Year’s Resolutions are pretty crappy. (Because I never made any) So I am going to make some.
So I have to look over my life and see what I doing and what I want to do. As I do this, I start thinking about me as a kid. I’ve been thinking about being a kid a lot lately. My toys, my dreams, my desires, and my intense imagination. Most of my strongest memories are my imaginary ones.  So I think, what life would make little Brittany proud? And I know exactly what I need to do. I need to become a LA county lifeguard, who is a part-time cartoonist, and a part-time pig trainer. (I had varied interests as a kid). Ok as you may have guessed, I’m not a fantastic swimmer. So, this life isn’t going to be as perfect as I may have hoped. I recently found a list that I had written to myself 10 years ago, of things that I wanted to do before I died. And as much as I wish, get a BA in Spanish, meet Tim Allen, and buy a car were on that list, they aren’t. I have to make some changes to make 8 year old Brittany proud.

So here is a short summary of life right now:
-I’m job hunting, that’s gross, but has to happen again. Starbucks doesn’t really pay actual bucks
-I’m moving soon. We needed our own rooms.
- I need to eat lunch soon (that one was for me)
-I’ve started the open mics around town and am getting this standup comedy thing on its feet. It’s standing up…almost.
- I’ve been doing improv shows every week, and that’s cool. It’s always good to A) exercise your brain B) exercise you voice C) Meet people D) Be creative.
-I’m writing stuff, very slowly, but writing things. I need to finish something soon.
- I’m also acting silly, dancing around, making references that most people at the table won’t get, making friends, scaring people, hoping to go to Disneyland, and trying to stay away from the cops.
Basically just being me, but I realize that much of what I feel I was known for (ie having great birthday parties and initiating sing-a-longs) has been pretty much lost.

Here come the New Years resolutions!!!!
 I hereby resolve to:
-Finish writing something great
- Have 30 minutes of brilliant stand up
-Only invest my time in things that I love. I will live by my passions. That is why I left so much back in the ol’ K-tuck.
-I will not work a job I don’t like,
-I will not be friends with people who I do not enjoy.
-I will not eat food I think is yucky.
-I will not wear anything that I feel isn’t great. I will make my 8 year old self super proud!
-I will attempt to cultivate a group of people who will celebrate an epic birthday with me,
-I will also attempt to cultivate a group of people who will have a sing-a-long with me. I can do it.