Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5th Post

Ok so this post is super late, but in order to keep everyone in touch I have to go in chronological order. I had been working at The Black Olive for about a month when I realized I would rather gouge my eyes out than serve another “big bowl of salad” to 6 grumpy Mexicans. I was also having reoccurring nightmares about serving there.
Here is an examples of one of the dreams I had:
                I was at home with my entire family when Robert Redford and Robin (from Batman) storm the house, they shoot all of us repeatedly. I get shot 10 times. I can feel the bullets under my skin. I am bleeding profusely all over. Robert Redford is laughing and yelling and now catching my childhood home on fire. I ask him, “Why are you doing this?!” He just laughs and says, “I’ll get you, little girl!” Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a clock. It’s 4:00pm! I have to go to work! So, I drag my bleeding body to The Black Olive, and I try to serve. It’s super loud in the restaurant tonight for some reason, and I can hardly hear what my tables are saying. They start getting super annoyed with me because they are having to repeat themselves. I finally hear them say, “We want a bottle of champagne!” Now, remember, I have been shot 10 times, and I’m still working. No one is bothered by the bleeding, they only care that they are having to repeat themselves.
                I ring in the champagne, and bring the bottle to the table. Then I try to open it. My hands are bleeding and weak from the bullets. I can’t get the bottle open. The table is super annoyed. I almost get it open when someone runs inside and yells, “Does anyone have a red Toyota Carolla? It’s on fire in the parking lot!”
                I have a red Toyota Carolla. I run out to the parking lot and there is Robert Redford, with a torch, burning my car and laughing. I fall to the ground crying, “WHY!!!!!” When I woke up I realized I needed another job. That was just one of many stress dreams regarding The Black Olive.
So I started looking for another job. I had been hired at Central Perk, but training took so long to schedule that I had been working there for 2 weeks when I got a job offer from a giant entertainment company that has ruled my life since childhood. We will call this company “Mouse Works Inc.”
I was hired to work at one of their theatres in Hollywood. They have all of their premiers there, and  I will be working in an attraction behind the theatre. Sort of a mini version of a theme park, and if you didn’t know, this company is kind of known for their theme parks. I’m super pumped, and I’m very sure that this experience will offer plenty of material to blog about. Any customer service job does.
SIDE NOTE:  there is a lady who lives across the street from me. I thought she was a nun in training, because she was dressed like a nun in training, but then I realized she just lives in a house and not in a Sound of Music Abby. About an hour after I discovered her, I saw her, in her nun in training outfit, skateboarding down the street.(on one of those long board things that you have to pump using your feet). I’m still unsure of her religious occupation. I am sure that she is pretty cool.